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Annual sustainability report for a ficticious company that manufactures cars.

Green House Gas Emissions

Progress report

We have taken several measures to reduce our green house gas emissions since we embarked on our sustainability journey. We are very pleased that our emissions have reduced again this year.

We have improved plant efficiency 23% over the last two years which is the most significant contributor to our progress. We have also reduced our scope 2 emissions by actively increasing the amount of renewable electricity we purchase despite their being an increase in the monetary cost to doing this.

We have used two different organisations to purchase carbon offset credits, firstly PlantsAndTrees who are local to our operations here in Leyland. They have a number of land areas in Sweden and Canada that contain the forestry related to our certified offsets. The second organisation is called OffsetFinance and they are also a registered trading platform but cannot tell us exactly where or how our offsets are being sourced so we are reviewing our future relationship with them.

Some facts in this document have been audited by ACME Auditors Inc and all other facts are believed to be correct but are unaudited.

2020 2019 2018
(000 tCO2e)
Green House Gas Emissions3.12.21.0
Carbon offset2.52.20.5

Energy Consumed

2020 2019 2018
Total energy consumption (MWh)24,20015,50011,350
- From renewable sources (MWh)5,5663,8753,178
- (as a percentage)232528
- From non-renewable sources (MWh)18,63411,6258,172
- (as a percentage)777572


2020 2019 2018
(millions of USD)
Cost of carbon offsetting0.100.070.005
Cost of energy2.511.751.200
- Cost of renewable energy0.630.380.420